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  • Speech & Language Pathologist

  • Occupational Therapist

About It’s More Than Speech:

It’s More Than Speech was born out of the owner’s wish to provide more therapeutic services in our area with a family centered, team approach that is focused on functional outcomes that support our clients’ needs beyond our walls.  We deliver classic speech and language therapy, have a niche in social communication through peer sessions after school with summer programs which allow for more time to help our members learn how to connect and communicate with others.


We also have provided Educational Services through a full time Special Education Teacher who delivers individual and small group instruction.  We have recently added Occupational Therapy to help us address our clients’ regulation, sensory and activities of daily living needs.

We believe in our community and creating more Alaskan therapists.  We work with interns from different graduate programs to teach them what working in private practice looks like, additionally we learn from them as much as they learn from us.  Mentorship is important.  We all had mentors in school and it is wonderful to give back to our future care givers.


We also believe that if our employees are able to meet their own personal priorities, take care of their family or other responsibilities, they will be happier employees. If being able to work your schedule around what is important in your life, tell us the hours/days you want to work and we can make that happen.


We offer working interviews for our programs and our team.  We invite those who are interested in working with us, to come and spend a few hours with us.  Observe, take part in a social group, follow one of us for a few hours to get a true feel for our culture.  This is something our interns have had, albeit for a much longer period of time, but that has resulted in many of them joining us after graduation.  We hope you have the same experience when you come to spend time with us.

Why Choose It’s More Than Speech?

We enjoy offering a healthy team environment where you will feel valued, appreciated and supported.

  • Flexible work schedule to support work life balance 

  • Mentorship with other therapists and mentoring interns

  • Supportive leadership, SLP, OT and Administrative staff

  • Additional pay when choosing increased productivity

  • Trans-disciplinary team - Speech, OT & Special Education staff

  • Support from our Special Education Teacher

  • Chance to work with a supportive team dedicated to making a positive impact


About The Job:

At It’s More Than Speech, we have been able to design a work environment and schedules that allows our team members to feel supported, successful and deliver services to our families with great communication.  The owner is a full time therapist and does not schedule her staff for anything she would not work herself.  We believe that spending time with our families in the therapy room, or following the sessions, is important to generalize skills and providing parents training is a big part of our job.  We want our therapists to have time to accomplish this, as well as to write notes or prepare for their next client.  Many of our team members work 4-10 hour days which allows for after school therapies and office support.  


Our goal is to have a minimum of 28 clients a week in generally 45 ST, 60 OT minute sessions, unless something else is more appropriate.  You are the evaluating therapist and you get to recommend what the individual you are assessing needs.  This does not come from administration.  Salaries are based on the minimum of 28 sessions and therapists can increase salaries by letting administration know they want a fuller schedule and will be paid per additional session seen every 2 weeks.  

Therapeutic Skills Required:

  • Assess and diagnose

  • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans

  • Deliver well planned sessions with documentation that gives a clear picture of what you provided as a skilled therapist

  • Complete treatment session documentation within 3 days and evaluation write ups within a week and be able to time manage this independently

  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and educators, to support continuity of care and a full team approach

  • Monitor and document client progress and adjust treatment plans as needed

  • Provide education and support to clients and their families strategies

  • Work within the clinic, but willing to provide home visits, community settings and teletherapy if appropriate and needed

  • Directly involve parents in their child’s services 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with clients, families, other healthcare professionals and fellow staff members

Job Requirements:

  • Alaska License

  • Master's Degree (M.A. or M.S.) from an accredited program

  • Valid driver's license

  • Pass a background check

Benefits for Full Time Employees:

  • Annual continuing education funds, national certification and licensing costs

  • Annual SEP IRA paid by employer at 0-25% depending on success of the company as a whole

  • Majority of Medical Benefit paid for by the company

  • Paid Time Off accrued per hours worked 

  • Personal Wellness Days to be used when ill, for medical appointments, to take care of family member or a mental health day

  • Flexible work environment & schedule

  • Opportunities for professional growth and company advancement

Are you looking for an environment described above?  Do you feel you are not effective in your current delivery model?  We are growing and we are looking for more therapists who believe in our model and want to see their clients have successful days and futures.

Interested in starting the conversation? Let’s talk!

If this sounds like a place for you, contact us today! Submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your experience to:

We look forward to meeting you!

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