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Welcome to It’s More Than Speech, Allison! 

Allison is a kindergarten - first grade teacher for the Anchorage School District and currently at Chugiak Elementary School.  She is joining us to support our summer camp activities in Wasilla as well as offering reading, small group instruction & tutoring to help a number of kids be more prepared to return to school in the fall.  


What is funny about 10 years ago, Allison and Andrea carpooled their kids to Chugiak Elementary School  as their kids were attending the Spanish Immersion program and both moms had to figure out how to get their own children to school while also working or taking care of other children. Andrea was so excited to reconnect with Allison, then overheard her providing tutoring to a child in our offices and knew she was one of us and needed to join our summer time crew!


Allison's energy and charisma is incredible! She inspires children to read and work. We are excited to spend our summer with her and grateful for her support in helping our kids.

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